Reports To         :  Center Manager & Seniour Nurse
Department      :  Clinic Division

Summary of Job Scope:

The therapist/trainer is responsible for the performance of all physical assessment tests administered to patients. And is responsible for all physically demanding tests conducted by patients.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide all treatments in a consistently thorough manner, in the time allocated and by treating all clients with individual attention.
  • Be aware of customer’s needs, and specific personal details of the customer to implement follow up care, treatment record and computer profile.
  • To respond to clients requests in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Ensure smooth operations of the reservation systems.
  • Oversee daily schedule of therapist in accordance with client bookings.
  • Communicate with receptionist and all attendants to ensure smooth running of physical assessment area.
  • Give 100% attention and ability in training at all times.
  • To take an interest in other modalities that they are not yet trained in.
  • Ensure time keeping in accordance with daily schedule of client bookings.
  • Take pride in self appearance and ensure optimum grooming at all times. Oversee and enforce staff grooming and attitude at all times.
  • Take pride in self attitude and abilities of being the best therapist they can be.
  • To take their extra responsibilities seriously ensuring all extra given duties are carried out on a daily basis. Reporting to seniors and spa manager where needed.
  • With senior nurse assign and control additional duties for each therapist and ensure they are carried out.
  • To uphold optimum standards of treatments and client care at all times.
  • To assist juniors in guidance where needed.
  • Implement practice/training sessions when area is less busy.
  • To show enthusiasm for the position and career as a trainer & physical therapist at all times.
  • To participate in on going promotions and to assist in increased services, cross selling and product sales.
  • To keep up to date with all current activities and promotions.
  • Oversee performance and development of therapists training in etiquette
  • To be key role in therapists training of different therapies.
  • Oversee performance and development of all therapists and subordinates.
  • To be aware of therapists, strengths and weaknesses in order to amplify their strengths and address their weaknesses and apply appropriate training where necessary.
  • Assist operations manager in all communications with junior staff.
  • Responsible for S.O.P’s for treatments.
  • Responsible for S.O.P’s for training of treatments.
  • Responsible for S.O.P’s for treatment product ingredients (preparation)
  • Responsible for S.O.P’s of etiquette and customer care.


Equipment Management

  • To monitor physical assessment equipment for upkeep, calibration and maintenance.
  • To assist with equipment based procedures of different physical assessments.

Customer Service

  • To oversee and be aware of individual client’s needs.
  • Communicate with therapists on a daily basis, regarding customer details, comments made by the gate keepers and therapists, to ensure adequate follow up care and advice has been given.
  • Work with reception, gate keepers and customer care to oversee and assign the appropriate therapist for specific client needs.
  • To train as part of the team juniors in communications and etiquette.


  • Oversee maintenance of all treatment rooms and equipment.
  • Oversee standard of treatment rooms set up.
  • To ensure hygiene, sterilization and preparation of all tools and equipment at the end of every day for next day’s appointments.


  • This position requires a lot of interaction, and interpersonal skills, with operations manager, senior nurse, medical director, and junior therapists. Therefore they need to be good communicators, confident, outgoing, and professional with a keen eye for detail and high standards at all times.


  • Where appropriate have the technical skills required for treatments regarding machinery and the latest in hi tech equipment. Training will be provided for the right candidate where needed.
  • To keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry, reporting to operations manager any new services being offered by outside competitors.
  • To be aware of any new courses or training that could benefit the respective department at all times.


  • Being involved in training of all spa therapists they must possess strong leadership skills.
  • And to be able to enforce discipline where and when needed.


  • Oversee hygiene, maintenance and sterilization of all equipment and treatment rooms
  • All therapists and trainers must ensure extra duties and extra responsibilities are carried out by themselves and the juniors at all times.


  • To be ethical at all times,
  • To lead by example at all times, enforcing (regularly) to subordinates the importance of company ethics, customer care, relations and stock.
  • To report to operations manager and senior nurse if they are aware of any unethical procedures within the department.


  • To have the ability to lead and yet be able to work as part of a team
  • Strong people and communication skills
  • Service orientated
  • To be able to motivate and inspire the juniors
  • Have a clear understanding of all major physical assessment procedures, processes and techniques.

Key qualifications required and preferred background

  • Experienced, high caliber senior therapist or trainer.
  • Experience in physical therapy and technical equipment preferred.
  • Smart appearance and a pleasant, dynamic personality.
  • Willing to be taught and trained in new practices for physical assessments.