Singapore Medical Center to bring world-class medical services to Cambodia Managed by DrMap



Phnom Penh, January 12 2018 Cambodians will soon be able to benefit from cutting- edge Singaporean medical expertise in Phnom Penh, as the Singapore Medical Center

(SGMC) announced today it will open a medical and wellness center in the capital, at The Bridge development, with a focus on comprehensive preventative health screening, holistic wellness, chronic disease management, general surgery and aesthetic treatments. The SGMC medical team of doctors and physicians are specialists from Singapore, with additional visiting doctors from Thailand and the United States.

Located near the rapidly developing Diamond Island, and in close proximity to popular tourist and cultural attractions, services at SGMC are due to begin in the second quarter of 2018. It will be the first facility in Cambodia to be managed under DrMap (Medical Applied Processes) to ensure transparency, professionalism, personalization and privacy.

“DrMap is able to design, procure, and manage processes to help patients, physicians, payers, and medical providers promote a multi-disciplinary platform of quality and trusted healthcare,” explained DrMap Director Anthony Jude Tan, noting that DrMap is currently being implemented in countries such as China, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

Representatives from SGMC’s medical board spoke of the great importance of regularly checking one’s health to ensure a high quality of life, and longevity.

“The principal foundation of SGMC is based on the desire to not only treat and diagnose illnesses, but to also give patients the capability to achieve peak health and wellness,” Interventional Endocrinology specialist Dr. Mark Gordon stated.

Singaporean breast cancer specialist Dr. Felicia Tan also highlighted the particular need for women in Cambodia to have a facility where they can feel safe and secure, while at the same time receiving specialized treatment and advice.

“Women around the world often put-off visiting medical professionals due to a range of sensitive procedures, and this is something SGMC seeks to address here in Cambodia. We are confident that women will receive the best possible care and support in an environment they are comfortable in,” she said at a panel discussion on women’s health at the launch event.

Later in the day, the SGMC board visited the Sihanouk Hospital Center for Hope, where they met local hospital staff to learn more about Cambodia’s specific medical needs, and how the SGMC can become a valuable addition to the country’s health industry.

SGMC intends to offer services to Cambodians as well as those traveling from abroad seeking state-of-the-art health facilities and services. All of this will be possible due to the DrMap processes and protocols implementing a range of services covering primary care, chronic disease management, diagnostic imaging and screening; and holistic wellness, aesthetic and surgical treatments.

Diagnostic services using the latest machinery will include x-rays, mammograms, CT Scans, bone densitometry and ultrasounds; while holistic wellness treatments will feature Sandbath Therapy, Ozone Dome Treatment Therapy, sexual rejuvenation and sports


*Note to editors: High-resolution visuals of select artist’s impressions of the center are available upon request.

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