Know Your Health! An Educational Talk by SGMC

An Educational Talk by Singapore Medical Center on Gut Health & the Importance of Colonoscopy; Holistic Wellness & why it is Essential

Phnom Penh, 26 July 2019 – Medical and wellness center Singapore Medical Center (SGMC), managed by DrMap from Singapore, held an educational talkKNOW YOUR HEALTH! – second in the series of its educational talks, leading up to the opening in the third quarter (Q3) this year.

In the heart of capital, located on level 3A of the Bridge Mall, the talk welcomed SGMC doctors from Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia converging for an insightful presentation on Gut Health & the Importance of Colonoscopy by Dr. Jonathan Foo, as well as an engaging panel discussion on Holistic Wellness & Why it is Essential led by moderator Mr. Anthony Jude Tan, CEO at DrMap Singapore, and panel doctors Dr. Terence Tan; Dr. Veasna Mean; Dr. Setheka Yin; and Dr. Nuchtarat Srelertros.

During the introduction, Mr. Anthony conveyed that “it is SGMC’s vision to contribute to the growth and education of the local healthcare landscape, and that is why SGMC together with DrMap management frequently arranges such educational talks.

We aim to take these talks further once the center opens to various community platforms such as schools. SGMC wants to inspire hope amongst the community by being a premium healthcare provider in Cambodia, through delivering the finest Singapore standards in medical care, with our expert know-how.”

Taking the audience through an insightful presentation on the importance of early cancer screening and why it is crucial to both men and women to do it early and regularly, Dr. Jonathan Foo, General & Colorectal Surgeon from Singapore, explained that “gut health amongst people are becoming increasingly popular these days, as more evidence indicates that a healthy body is reliant on a healthy gut, which is ultimately dependent on a person’s diet.” He further elaborated on the benefits of regular colonoscopy checkups as “it helps detect colon cancer hence being the most effective means of prevention, diagnosis and thereafter for patients to seek treatment.”

The afternoon panel discussion with SGMC’s two local resident doctors, as well as the center’s Singapore and Thai doctors, was dedicated to the Holistic Wellness Approach and its part in Preventative and Regenerative medicine. Dr. Setheka Yin, panelist and Resident Doctor, explains that “there are countless benefits when it comes to integrating holistic wellness into one’s daily regime. There are many simple ways to effectively, and proactively, manage it in order to achieve optimal health. At SGMC we advocate and provide services that include the Holistic Approach combined with conventional medicine and regular health screening in order to improve and maintain overall health.”

SGMC intends to offer medical services and treatments to Cambodians, expatriates working in the country, as well as those from neighboring countries seeking state-of-the-art health facilities and services. Run and managed under DrMap management, utilizing Singapore healthcare standards and specialists, all treatments and services are backed by medically certified processes and protocols.

SGMC will be the leading fully-serviced medical center integrating conventional and preventative medicine at such a scale – the first center in Phnom Penh to integrate holistic wellness as a core aspect of its medical services to the community.

The medical center will be implementing a range of services covering general practice; chronic disease management; diagnostic imaging and health screening; holistic wellness; IV hydration therapy; aesthetics; and day surgeries.

Diagnostic services using the latest machinery will include x-rays, mammograms, CT Scans, bone densitometry and ultrasounds; while holistic wellness treatments will feature specialties such as the Volcanic Sand Bath Therapy; Negative Ion & Far Infrared Therapy (NIFI); Traditional Chinese Medicine and a range of Detox, Weight Loss and Pain Management programs.

Exclusive Unveiling of SGMC’s Membership Plans

Attendees at the talk were also the very first in Phnom Penh to be introduced to SGMC’s memberships. As a lead up to the opening, anyone who pre-purchases membership plans before the official opening date will be able to receive additional add-on freebies such as SGMC’s signature detoxifying Volcanic Sand Bath Therapy.

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