Gut care coming up in Cambodia

More than 40 local and foreign participants, some of whom are Khmer medical professionals and members of the youth have learned more about gut-related problems, especially its treatment and methods of prevention.

The event held last Friday at the Bridge Mall organised by Singapore Medical Centre (SGMC) in Phnom Penh was an educational talk and panel discussion highlighting gut health and the importance of colonoscopy.

“It is SGMC’s vision to contribute to the growth and education of the local healthcare landscape, and that is why SGMC together with DrMap management frequently arranges such educational talks,” said CEO at DrMap Singapore, Mr Anthony Jude Tan.

The talk entitled ‘Know Your Health’, was presented by guest of honour Dr Jonathan Foo, General and Colorectal Surgeon from Singapore, who delved deeper into why gut health is becoming increasingly popular. He emphasised that a healthy body is reliant on a healthy gut.

Dr Foo, elaborating on the benefits of regular colonoscopy checkups, said: “It helps detect colon cancer, hence being the most effective means of prevention, diagnosis and thereafter for patients to seek treatment.”

He added: “Most people believe that gut cancer occurs more frequently to men than women. For example in China, the population (ratio) in the country had more men more than women, so perhaps springing forth the misconception of why they think it always happens to men.”

Dr. Jonathan Foo, General and Colorectal Surgeon. Supplied

A graduate from the National University of Singapore in 2002, Dr Foo subsequently pursued his Master’s degree in surgery. Dr Jonathan is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2012. He has expertise in managing various colorectal conditions, with an aptitude for treating cancer and benign diseases of the colon and rectum.

“In fact, this problem or cancer of gut doesn’t co-relate to whether you are man or woman, it can occur in everybody, and it mostly happens from the age of 40 year-old up. So I recommend that people should check with the doctor before it sets in,” added Dr Foo.

The SGMC is Cambodia’s Premium Healthcare Provider, borne by a desire to deliver Singapore standards of medical excellence to the people of Cambodia under management by DrMap Singapore.

DrMap is able to design, procure, and manage processes to help patients, physicians, medical providers and investors in the medical-tourism, hospitality and/or lifestyle industries, promote medical-related care.

Mr Foo said his centre is interested in Cambodia because over the years, he has become aware of Cambodians travelling to Singapore and Thailand for medical services, surgery, and more. “When the treatment, services, surgery, and the standard of materials are open in Cambodia, people will get a lot of benefits, as they will not have to spend much time and money to travel abroad. They will feel comfortable with our services of Singapore’s standard,” said Mr Anthony as a moderator,

Officially working in Thailand, Mr Anthony added that they are also learning about the cost of treatment between people who seek medical aid outside and inside Cambodia. – by Srey Kumneth

Source:Khemer Times