Delivering Singapore standards of  
  medical excellence


Our approach to your wellbeing does not only focus on ensuring the absence of diseases and curing of illnesses, but looks beyond the offers of conventional medicine, to support your goal of optimal health, wellness, age management, and longevity.

Our Team

All medical programs offered at SGMC are developed by international medical experts and are supported by processes and protocols developed by SGMC committee as well as trusted screening and diagnostic tools.

Our Center

Singapore Medical Centre (SGMC) Cambodia was founded on the belief that everyone deserves reliable and quality medical care that is focused on a holistic and wellness approach.

News & Events

SGMC believes that two-sided communication is key to ensuring the wellbeing of our patients. We frequently host educational talks during which our experts share and explain different health issues.

Medical & Wellness Tips

SGMC understands that healthy living is derived from day-to-day lifestyle choices and early detection of illnesses. To ensure that our patients are able to maintain their health, our team of medical professionals remains consistently up-to-date on the latest medical advancements and communicates this information to our patients.


SGMC cooperates with several different medical insurers to manage and arrange healthcare benefits that will best suit your needs.