Patient Services

Health Screening & Diagnostic Imaging

The future of healthcare lies in personalized and integrative treatments that address root causes of individual health concerns. Health and diagnostic screenings offer a proactive approach to analyzing a patient’s risk of disease, for which an intervention plan can be developed by our team of doctors.

Basic to advanced Health Screening check-ups; Pre-marital Scan; Healthy Heart Scan; Anti-aging Scan; and Cancer Scans are some of the few packages the clinic has available.

These plans encompass a mix of the following services:

 Physical assessments
 Lab investigations
 Body Composition
 ECG/Stress Test
 Bone Densitometry
 CT Scan

Membership & Promotions

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As a member of the SGMC membership program, your wellbeing is constantly monitored by a team of professionals through regular check-ups and premium access to our facility. Your health is always our team’s number one priority.