Pharmacy Supervisor

Reports To         :  Medical Director & Center Manager
Department      :  Pharmacy Division

Summary of Job Scope:

The pharmacy involves individualized prescriptions written out by our MD’s for the purpose of providing the patient with medicinal, nutritional, hormonal and other OTC remedies. The prescriptions are presented to the pharmacy team.  The pharmacy supervisor is responsible for setting standards, procedures and implementation for procurement and restocking of medications, raw material purchase, and the reformulation of prescriptions, production processes, quality control and any research and development of products.

The pharmacy supervisor shall take charge of all other pharmacy related functions including store management, training, retailing and staff management.

The pharmacy supervisor is expected to remain abreast of trends in the pharmacy field, including legislation and changes in ‘best practice’ and to advise the management of beneficial and required changes to operation so that we become and remain the leader in the field of health care.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To ensure best practice is followed in all compounding and prescription practice, and that stringent safety protocols are in place and followed strictly
  • To take control of the overall pharmacy department operations, ensuring that daily objectives are achieved
  • To ensure that all pharmacy staff are appropriately scheduled to provide consistent delivery of services
  • To ensure that the medical software is managed and records maintained professionally
  • To ensure that all prescriptions are actioned in a timely manner
  • To create, and implement an on-the-job training programs, Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program and cross training program relating to pharmacy services and staff
  • To monitor daily operations and ensure that a high standard of service is always maintained
  • Require weekly inventory of product and monthly audit of products
  • To liaise with the HR department ensuring timely recruitment and training of new staff
  • To develop a harmonious working environment, ensuring that consistent team effort is directed towards achieving client and company goals
  • To ensure that a prescription re-order and reminder process is created and implemented
  • To be available to practitioners and clients as a resource to provide education on pharmacy and individual prescription matters
  • To create an in-house education program in pharmacy and pharmacology to assist) practitioners to understand pharmacological based medicine
  • To ensure that pharmacy staff are developed, trained and ultimately certified
  • To ensure all sourcing, purchasing, stock levels, expiry dates, pricing, and store supplies are managed on a regular basis with a focus on cost control
  • To ensure that all SOPs are updated and trained to staff on a regular basis
  • To participate in Medical case reviews, inter-practitioner meetings and management meetings as required
  • To submit daily and monthly financial and operational pharmacy reports to management
  • Problem solving and crisis management of medical emergency cases


To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:


  • A high level of computer literacy, in particular Word, Excel and ability to manage the operational software
  • A high level of financial accountability for pharmacy expenditures and revenues


  • A commitment to fully communicate with clients, involving them in their treatment process and ensuring that open dialogue is maintained regarding their medications, supplement schedules etc.


  • The ability to make well researched decisions in a timely manner
  • A high level of ability to liaise and communicate with practitioners, doctors, consultants, therapists and managers to enable smooth operational workflow
  • Provides vision and inspiration to subordinates and colleagues, and drives the commitment towards the provision of Integrated Medicine
  • Maintains morale and group commitments to the goals and objectives of Forward Medical Center


  • Works with integrity and ethics, and a commitment to the company’s philosophies


  • A commitment to maintaining personal, continuing professional education

Key Qualifications Required:

  • Manufacturing Pharmacy degree
  • Management and organizational experience
  • Manufacturing and / or compounding experience