Customer Service Supervisor

Reports To         :  Center Manager & CEO
Department      :  Customer Service Department

Summary of Job Scope:

Oversee customer logistics management to align with work flow and collaboration of cross-functions among Physician, Nursing, Pharmacy, and other relevant departments. And subsequently handling customer complaints or any major incidents

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Supervise and monitor customer service process to ensure all customer services processes are efficient.
  2. Coordinate with other departments to ensure that customer receive a high standard of customer services.
  3. Providing help and advice to customers.
  4. Taking care VIP customers upon specific request.
  5. Learning about Forward Medical Center products or services and keeping up to date to Customers Service staff.
  6. Provide pricing and delivery information to customers.
  7. Supervise Cashier process.
  8. Handling, Investigating and solving customers’ problems.
  9. Keeping accurate records of discussions or correspondence with customers.
  10. Meeting with other managers to discuss possible improvements to customer service.
  11. Developing customer service procedures, policies and standards for improve Customer services process.
  12. Leading or supervising team of customer service staff.
  13. Training staff to deliver a high standard of customer service.
  14. Keeping ahead of developments in customer service by reading relevant journals, going to meetings and attending courses.


To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:

  • A high level of computer literacy, in particular Word, Excel and ability to manage the marketing software and general work.
  • Must be team work oriented and customer centric in delivery of service.
  • Must be an effective communicator. Goof interpersonal skills for cross departmental communication as well as customer communication.
  • Must have leadership qualities and ability to manage whole team and department relative to customer service.
  • Must be organized and able to schedule and time accurately for delivery of service.
  • Must be able to deal with large groups.
  • Must have good costumer interface skills.
  • Must be able to coach and develop customer service team, and must be able to delegate responsibilities both front and back of house for customer service.
  • Must by presentable and personable with good grooming.

Key Qualifications Required:

  • Degree in preferable fields such as hospitality, management, and marketing.
  • Preferably 3-5 years’ experience in customer service.